From its foundation until today, our company ATOMEM DOO is a company that provides highest service in the fields of sales, distribution and logistics using the latest ideas, opportunities and resources.

In our long term operation, we are showing professional approach, orientation towards our business partners, as well as providing maximum added value for the final consumers. The long-standing experience and trust between the domestic and foreign business partners of our company, is enabling stable and permanent growth, combined with positive energy, flexibility and creativity.

Our wide experience has enabled technological complete offer of advanced products and highest quality, supported by standards for environmental safety and environmental protection. The superior visual recognition of the points of sales, the complete satisfaction of the consumers and the winning spirit of our sales team remain our top priorities in the current successful operation.


Leading regional company in the distribution of car cosmetics and car equipment. We are a company that successfully deals with the wholesale of car cosmetics and car equipment. Above all, the commitment and proven quality of the products we offer, over time, have provided us with one of the leading positions in the region. The main activity of our company today is the wholesale of car cosmetics and car equipment, and in our portfolio we keep globally present global brands and our own brands from several segments.